NISC Facilities

The Center is very well equipped for performing the design and testing phases. For the design phase, many high speed servers and workstations are present as well as full versions of all main CAD tools such as Cadence, and Matlab/Simulik. In addition the lab is equipped with FPGA design tools and environment as well as development tools. The center is also equipped with advanced PCB prototyping machines and software. In terms of the measurement and testing phase, the center is very highly equipped with normal and high frequency oscilloscopes (12.5 GHz real time), logic analyzers (8 GHz 136 channel), RF equipment (signal generator, network analyzer, …, all in excess of 6 GHz), and a probe station. The center currently occupies the room S18 in the Nile University campus.

Xilinx FPGA Kits and Special Function Boards/ICs

Server Room with Licenced CAD Tools

Research Center Room

Electronics and PCB Fabrication Lab