NISC Collaborators

NISC vision is fundamentally based on an intimate and integrated plan between the center and industry in the region and international corporations. Industry in the region is trying in general to attract business by advertising the existence of highly skilled and trained individuals. Given that the main obstacle for growing the electronics industry in Egypt and the region is the development of a critical mass of highly trained personnel, NISC gains a strategic importance from the perspective of industry in the region and Egypt national interests.

NISC adopts the view that the training of students is a joint endeavor between the center and industry. It is fundamental that the curriculum, research, and development efforts are done in close contact with industry to meet their needs. In addition, NISC will work on matching each student to a company during his study and training. Internships and industrial sabbaticals are two main vehicles that will be used to maintain a close relation with industry.

Many companies are already part of NISC’s vision and have close relations with and vested interest in NISC. One major example is Intel which partnered with NISC to prepare the critical mass of suitably trained personnel. Intel has provided NISC with a large number of internships in the USA for students and personnel in the center as well as many fellowships and equipment donations. In addition, a similar major relation is in the making with Mentor Graphics.  Many other companies/research institutes have provided NISC with fellowships and/or internships and some equipment or are in the process of developing such relations.