Dr. Sahar Selim Soussa


Sahar Selim is an assistant professor at Nile University. She received her bachelor’s and M.Sc. degrees from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, Ain Shams University. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in the area of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) from the Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University. Selim worked as a software developer for three years before joining the academic career. She has experience in academic career for 14 years.  Before moving to NU, Dr. Selim was a research associate at the Faculty of Media Engineering & Technology, German University in Cairo. She participated in the development of a smart home for disabled people which aimed to help paralyzed patients to do primitive tasks by themselves. This project enables patients to use their brain signals to move a wheelchair, control a robot, and also control home appliances. She is interested in applying machine learning techniques in medical applications. She is also a reviewer for a number of leading journals in computer science and information systems area like: IEEE ACCESS International Journal, Journal of Intelligent Systems, and Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing.






research tracks


1) Howida A. shedeed: Professor – faculty of Computers – Ain Shams University

2) Manal Mohsen Tantawi: Lecturer at Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences Ain Shams University

3) Radhya Sahal: SMART 4.0 Research Fellow

4) Abeer ElKorany: Professor of Computer Science, Fcaulty of Computers and Information, cairo university