Dr. Refaat Shalaby

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Raafat Shalaby is currently an Associate Professor in the Mechatronics track, School of Engineering and Applied Science – Nile University, Egypt. Dr. Shalaby received his BSc degree in control and measurements in 1997 and received his MSc degree in automatic control in 2003 from Menofia University, Egypt. In 2011, Dr. Shalaby obtained the degree of “Dr-Ing” in Industrial Electronics from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. The topic of his thesis was the Instrumentation for Electromyography Detection and Electrical Stimulation for Neurological Rehabilitation after Stroke. He has authored/coauthored a couple of highly cited journal publications and conferences. Dr. Shalaby’s current research projects focus on interdisciplinary applications of automatic control, e.g. Fractional order modeling and control,Metaheuristic optimization, Fuzzy control and Model predictive control.







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