Dr. Mohamed Ezzat

short bio

Dr. Ezzat has extensive manufacturing and quality engineering experience in the automotive and hospitality industries as well as has in-depth involvement in academia.  His industrial background is based on establishing strong relationships between various disciplines within the organization and with suppliers.  He has proven record for systematic implementation of process improvement techniques in the US, Europe, and various countries in the Far East, and in particular China. He has earned his Doctorate and master’s degrees in industrial engineering from Texas Tech University at Lubbock, Texas.  His B.Sc. degree was in Aeronautical Engineering from Cairo University.

Dr. Ezzat has worked in aircraft design field after his graduation both in Egypt and the US.  With his advanced degrees under his belt, he worked for the Agriculture equipment, Trucks and automotive manufacturing industries at progressive capacities. During his long career, he worked for the leading companies in their fields including John Deere, Navistar, and Ford Motor Company.  Between 2003 and 2008 Dr. Ezzat lived in China working for Ford’s China Sourcing Office as deputy director of Supplier Quality, dealing with Chinese automotive suppliers for powertrain components and engine parts.  Before joining Nile University, he was the Executive Director of Supply Chain at Sands Corporation, a leading global hospitality and resort company, with facilities in the US, China and Singapore.  He directed a staff of specialists in quality, logistics, and warehousing both in the US and China.