Dr. Mennatallah Kaoud

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Menatalla KAOUD, Doctor in Management Science from EDGE doctoral school (Université de Nantes, France) with a specialization in Marketing and Management Information Systems. Her research focuses on the Customer Knowledge Management (CKM) as an integration between the approaches of Knowledge Management (KM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). She developed a new integrative organizational model for Customer Knowledge Management that will help companies sustain their competitiveness using their organizational resources and competencies. She has an experience in teaching Marketing Strategy, Digital Management & Innovation, Finance and Industrial Economy in France. 

She is currently an Assistant Professor at Nile University of Marketing & Management of Information Technology. She provides coaching for the Business School graduation startup projects. She is also board member at Egylière Travel company, a leading luxury travel provider in Egypt.

She finds her happiness in giving and helping others. She hopes to be able to make changes in people’s lives and contribute through her knowledge to the development of societies. 





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