Dr. Ahmed Abdel Khalek

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Dr. Ahmed is an assistant professor of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering and Management Program at Nile University, Egypt, and an assistant professor of the properties and strength of materials at the Civil Engineering Department, Helwan University, Egypt. Dr. Ahmed has a Ph.D. degree in structural engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), USA. He is also a holder of a master’s degree in structural engineering from Cairo University. His bachelor was granted from Helwan University, Faculty of Civil Engineering at Materia with a specialization in the properties of materials. Dr. Ahmed‘s research interest focuses on studying the green concrete that can be used as a substitute for the conventional concrete to reduce the usage of natural resources and minimize the damage resulting from the manufacturing process of materials. He also focuses on investigating non-Portland cement materials to overcome the problem of the high emission of carbon dioxide into the air that causes a lot of environmental problems. Also, he is interested in developing innovative materials comprised of nanoparticles to improve the behavior and performance of concrete.

Currently, Dr. Ahmed’s main research includes the usage of geopolymer cement as an alternative for the ordinary portland cement, incorporate fibers in concrete to enhance the physical and mechanical properties of concrete, develop innovative masonry units, establish validated methodology to design standoff anchor bolt connection, and studying the properties and microstructure of special types of concrete. Dr. Ahmed was honored to be a member of Chi Epsilon Society for his achievements and excellence as a graduate student at UAB. In addition, he is currently serving as a reviewer in ASCE Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction. Dr. Ahmed is actively involved in the field of construction engineering and conducting consultation with industry in the quality control of materials and site supervision.

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